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Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program (TSHEP)

Legislative Overview

In 1997, the 75th Texas Legislature passed HB 2577, which charged the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) with the development and implementation of a statewide homebuyer education program, designed to provide information and counseling to prospective homebuyers about the home buying process. The Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program (TSHEP) was created to fulfill this mandate.

Congratulations to the Latest Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program Participants

Training and Certification Program

To ensure uniform quality of the homebuyer education provided throughout the state, TDHCA contracted with a nationally recognized organization to teach local nonprofit organizations the principles and applications of comprehensive pre- and post purchase homebuyer education, and to certify participants as providers. To date approximately 600 individuals have been certified as homebuyer education providers by the Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program.

As a partner for the past several years, the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC) has worked in conjunction with TDHCA to serve as a nonprofit sponsor of monies donated to TSHEP and to manage and account for funds. As a result, TDHCA in conjunction with its Governing Board, made the decision to also transfer the day to day administration of the program to TSAHC effective September 1, 2012. TDHCA will continue to provide a portion of the funding for the program and will remain engaged and provide oversight on an on-going basis.

For more information regarding the Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program, you may contact Sarah Ellinor with TSAHC at (512) 220-1171 or Dina Gonzalez with TDHCA at (512) 475-3993.

Homebuyer Education Counseling

Texans in need of homebuyer education/credit counseling assistance can get a list of certified providers in their area of the state using Help for Texans. A homebuyer education course is required by all TDHCA homeownership programs. The requirement can be satisfied through completion of a course provided by a HUD-approved, non-profit organization or government entity, or a HUD-approved online course. You can visit the following link for a listing of approved certified providers.


To our counselors I want to express that with the launch of our new Texas Homebuyer U (TXHBU) this does not mean that this online course will take your place. TDHCA strongly encourages potential homebuyers go to a certified homebuyer education provider. A link to the list of TSHEP providers is available on the TDHCA website. The online course available as an alternative option for homebuyers unable to attend a face-to-face in person course. As a counselor you are more than welcome to take the free online tool and provide us your feedback. This online tool is designed to satisfy the homebuyer education requirement for TDHCAs First Time Homebuyer programs. TX HBU offers two courses: One is a comprehensive pre- and post-purchase tutorial which satisfies the education requirement for TDHCAs first time homebuyer programs; the other is an introductory course to its Texas Mortgage Credit Certificate (TX MCC) Program.