Manufactured Housing Division

Consumers Warned of Unlicensed Retailers of Repossessed Manufactured Homes

The Manufactured Housing Division of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) warns consumers of unlicensed sellers of manufactured homes may be selling homes, especially repossessed homes, advertised as "great deals," but who are in reality taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals and families.

What sounds like a "dream home" often turns into a nightmare in the form of fraudulent contracts, title problems, tax liens, and homes that are simply uninhabitable. Texas consumers annually lose tens of thousands of dollars to unscrupulous retailers as the result of these fraudulent practices. TDHCA strongly urges you to follow these steps before you purchase a manufactured home:

  • Be sure you are dealing with a licensed retailer; ask to see his or her license. If you are not sure if the retailer is licensed, check with the Manufactured Housing Division at 1-800-500-7074 or on the Internet at
  • Don't deal with anyone who does not maintain an office. Licensed retailers must be bonded and may have licensed lots where they keep the manufactured homes they show you. Be wary of a retailer who conducts all his or her business on a cell phone.
  • If you give anyone money for a deposit, don't give cash; use a check or money order and get a receipt.
  • Do not sign any form if it is incomplete or if you do not understand what you are signing. Ask for dated and signed notices and disclosures before closing. If you have questions, call the Manufactured Housing Division.

The Manufactured Housing Division of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is Texas' lead agency for ensuring that manufactured homes are well-constructed and safe, that homes are installed correctly, that consumers are provided fair and effective remedies, and that measures are taken to provide economic stability for the Texas manufactured housing industry.