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Davis-Bacon and Related Acts

Covered HUD-Community Planning & Development (CPD) Programs

TDHCA Davis-Bacon Compliance Mandates for Subrecipients

These compliance procedures apply to all HUD-funded projects.

  • Labor Standards Officer (LSO) – Project owner must appoint an individual responsible for administrative and on-site labor standards compliance.
  • Preconstruction Conference – Project LSO, prime contractor and owner or owner representative must participate in TDHCA-sponsored discussion about labor standards
  • Notice to Proceed – TDHCA issues this to subrecipient, upon receiving all required documentation, to enforce Davis-Bacon prevailing wage mandates and to authorize rehab or construction work to begin.
  • Notice to Proceed – Davis-Bacon Exemption – Authorizes subrecipient to begin rehab or construction work when Davis-Bacon does not apply.

Federal Agency Support

TDHCA Resources

Pre-Construction Guide Exhibits
Exhibit # Document Link Source Index
1 Contract Standards with Federal Labor Provisions
(HUD-4010) - Federal Labor Standards Provisions (PDF)

Labor Standards and Enforcement and Related Forms (portal.hud.gov)

HUD Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement


Payroll WH-347 form
(PDF - www.dol.gov)

US Department of Labor WH-347 Instructions

Additional Payroll Forms

Wage and Hour Division (WHD) Forms (www.dol.gov/whd/forms)
3 Apprenticeship Certification SAMPLE
(PDF - www.dol.gov)
(PDF - www.dol.gov)
Wage and Hour Division (www.dol.gov/whd/resources/
  EMPLOYEE RIGHTS poster, State & Local Government Employees (PDF - www.dol.gov)  

Notice to Proceed [SAMPLE] (PDF)

NTP Davis-Bacon Exemption [Example] (PDF)

6 System for Award Management (SAM), GSA, Search for excluded parties (SAM.gov)  
7 Additional Classification and Rate
(HUD 4230A) (DOC - HUD.gov)
Labor Standards and Enforcement and Related Forms (portal.hud.gov)
8a Record of Employee Interview (HUD-11)
Historial de Entrevista del Empleado
Labor Standards and Enforcement and Related Forms (portal.hud.gov)
8b Consent to Voluntarily Disclose Confidential Wage-Earner Information (PDF)

Consentimiento para Divulgar Voluntariamente Información Confidencial del Asalariado (PDF)
9 Payroll WH-347 Review CPD (XLS)
Payroll Monitoring Checklist - suggested (DOC form)
10 Liquidated Damages Notice to Assess (PDF)  
11 Liquidated Damages Remittance Form (PDF)  
12 Liquidated Damages Summary (PDF)  
13 Final Wage Compliance Report (DOC form)  
14 Appointment of Labor Standards Officer (PDF)  
15 Residential Construction Classifications

On the following site, choose "Selecting DBA WDs" (i.e. "Davis-Bacon Act Wage Decisions"), enter the state, county, and "RESIDENTIAL" (for construction type) Wage Determinations OnLine (www.wdol.gov)

Taller structures, considered "commercial" – although containing apartments, will use "BUILDING" for Construction Type.

16 Certificate from Owner Appointing Employee Pay Supervisor (DOC)  
17 Fact Sheet #23: Overtime Pay Requirements of the FLSA (PDF - www.dol.gov) Wage & Hour Division - Overtime Pay
18 DOL Regional Offices of Apprenticeship (www.doleta.gov)  
19 HUD Davis-Bacon posters (December 2009) https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/davis_bacon_and_labor_standards/olrform

DAVIS-BACON LABOR STANDARDS, A Contractor’s Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements for Federally-Assisted Construction Projects (LR01.DG, January 2012) (www.hud.gov)

Summary of updates to 2012 edition (PDF)

On the following page, find "HUD-LR-4812":
HUD Guidebooks (portal.hud.gov)

The Program Services Division Davis-Bacon staff provides technical assistance regarding federal and state labor standards requirements. Send an email to a labor standards staff member directly.