Manufactured Housing Division

Tips for a Successful Tax Lien Filing Season

  • The Notice of Tax Lien/Release form (PDF fillable) is available in the Tax Lien Forms and Documents section on the Tax Lien Information page. Please use the current version when filing liens.
  • Do not send releases and records mixed together in one envelope. They may be mailed together, however you must separate them by binder clip, paperclip or rubber band.
  • Do not send multiple emails or faxes for the same record or release. We are currently receiving numerous copies of the same lien which is really slowing down the processing time, not to mention is a waste of resources.
  • Do not fax a filing and then mail the original, for the same reason listed above.
  • Your filing form must contain a signature. We will not accept typed in or computer print names unless they are initialed. This requirement is for your protection.