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Closing Status Database

Welcome to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Closing Status Database. This database is updated daily so that all parties interested in the status of a pending loan closing can see where their transaction is in the process at the Department. It provides dates when the last information was requested and received by the Department, and identifies how many interactions for follow up have been made. It also provides a date when closing is currently expected to take place. Finally it provides the name of the person within the Department that is currently working on the transaction. Use the TDHCA phone directory to contact that person if needed.

To check the status of a closing you need to know the Tracking ID. Each property is assigned a Tracking ID which will start with the letter “H” or “M”. If you do not have your Tracking ID, contact your Contract Administrator or Performance Specialist (the person that has been helping you with your loan so far).

Closing Status Database
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