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Housing with a purpose

Did you know that TDHCA is the designated agency that licenses and regulates housing offered to migrant workers? Licensed Migrant Labor Housing Facilities help fill the housing gap for temporary agricultural workers within Texas, providing safe and decent housing to over 4,000* migrant and seasonal farm laborers working throughout our state’s diverse agricultural industries.

Defined as a facility that is established, operated, or used for more than three days as living quarters for three or more seasonal, temporary, or migrant workers, Migrant Labor Housing Facilities serve a very purposeful housing need, and must meet standards of construction, sanitation, equipment, and operation.

Some of those standards include appropriate sanitary conditions, water supplies, essential utilities like light and air (cooling or warming), fire protections, or other matters necessary for the health and well-being of the occupants. Facilities are inspected annually and those that are approved receive a license and decal with the programs logo and the year of the license to display participation in the program.

While TDHCA oversees the licensing and inspection of these facilities, we also encourage individuals who are aware of an unlicensed migrant labor housing facility or believe that migrant labor housing is being offered with unsuitable living conditions, to contact TDHCA at 833-522-7028 immediately.

Learn more about TDHCA’s licensing for Migrant Labor Housing Facilities at www.tdhca.state.tx.us/migrant-housing/index.htm and complete the form to apply for a license or for questions contact 877-313-3023 or email migrantlaborhousing@tdhca.state.tx.us.

*2012 U.S. Department of Agriculture census data


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News releases are developed by the Communications and Marketing section of the Division of Policy and Public Affairs to publicize TDHCA program activities. These include application funding cycles, program grant awards, special events, board activities, and other relevant information.