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Thursday, January 04, 2018

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  • Texas Ending Homelessness Fund now accepting donations
  • Donate when registering your vehicle
  • More than 23,000 Texans are considered homeless

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State housing, motor vehicle agencies kick-off new initiative
Texas Ending Homelessness Fund

Donations now accepted when registering your vehicle

(AUSTIN) – Beginning January 1, 2018, Texans can donate to the Texas Ending Homelessness Fund (www.txhomelessfund.org) when they register or renew registration for their vehicle. Donations can be made when renewing online at www.texas.gov or when registering or renewing vehicle registration at your county tax assessor-collector office, substation, or subcontractor, such as a participating grocery store.

“The effects of homelessness can have wide-ranging consequences, both on families and communities,” said Tim Irvine, TDHCA Executive Director. “The donations collected through the Ending Homelessness Fund will help assist in efforts to counter those effects, help build stronger community engagement and outreach, and deliver crucial services and delivery of aid to those most in need.”

Donations to the fund will help:

  • Enhance the number and quality of emergency shelters
  • Prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless
  • Encourage self sufficiency
  • Secure stable housing

While figures vary, the annual point-in-time count from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that more than 23,000 Texans are considered homeless, including approximately 7,000 living on the streets and more than 16,000 living in shelters and transitional housing.

“The Ending Homelessness Fund will allow those who serve the homeless to remove some barriers to effective care by providing or supplementing strategies to help the homeless move toward ‘independent living,’ ” said Mike Doyle, chairman of the Texas Interagency Council for the Homeless (“TICH”). “It’s estimated that for every $1.00 of new income the homeless obtain through work, it will produce $7.00 in economic benefit to the community. This not only helps those that find themselves homeless but the community as well.”


About the fund
The 85th Texas Legislature passed H.B. 4102, which was enacted on September 1, 2017. The act amended Subchapter H, Chapter 502, Transportation Code to add Section 502.415, Voluntary Contribution to Ending Homelessness Fund. This section allows registrants of a motor vehicle in Texas to elect to contribute any amount of funds to the newly established Ending Homelessness fund. Funds will be sent by the assessor-collector to the comptroller, and held in trust to be administered by the Department as trustee. The funds must be utilized to provide grants to counties and municipalities to combat homelessness. The act further requires the Department to adopt rules governing applications for grants from the Fund, and the issuance of those grants.


About the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs is committed to expanding fair housing choice and opportunities for Texans through the administration and funding of affordable housing and homeownership opportunities, weatherization, and community-based services with the help of for-profits, nonprofits, and local governments. For more information about fair housing, funding opportunities, or services in your area, please visit www.tdhca.state.tx.us or the Learn about Fair Housing in Texas page. 

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