Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

State of Texas Comprehensive Analysis of Service-Enriched Housing Finance Practices Final Report

The Department, on behalf of the Texas Housing & Health Services Coordination Council, received funding to procure The Technical Assistance Collaborative to conduct a comprehensive study of nationwide best practices in service-enriched housing financing and development, produce recommended actions for providing service-enriched housing in Texas, and develop and present training materials to assist in financing and developing service-enriched housing for persons of all ages with disabilities who have extremely low income. The Texas Housing & Health Services Coordination Council will use this report to coordinate and increase state efforts to offer service-enriched housing in Texas.
Elements of the analysis included:

  • Research best practices regarding service-enriched housing projects subsidized by other states;
  • Identify barriers preventing or slowing service-enriched housing efforts;
  • Identify sources of funding for integrated housing and health services;
  • Determine the requirements and application guidelines to obtain those funds;
  • Identify those practices subsidized by other states that do not clearly comply with existing IRS Rules and Regulations;
  • Provide information regarding effective collaboration methods and the use of layered financing to provide and finance service-enriched housing;
  • Provide training about local, state, and federal funding sources and the requirements for those sources; and
  • Provide training materials that assist in the development and financing of service-enriched housing.

Download the report (PDF)