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Funding Sources & Background

The Texas Housing Trust Fund was established in 1991 by the 72nd Legislature, Senate Bill 546, to create affordable housing for low- and very low-income individuals and families. It is the only State-authorized source of funding for affordable housing programs. Funding sources consist of appropriations or transfers made to the fund, unencumbered fund balances, and public or private gifts or grants. The Department's Texas Housing Trust Fund Plan details the strategy for expending the appropriations or transfers.

During the Regular Session of the 88th Legislature, the Department was appropriated additional General Revenue for the Texas Housing Trust Fund in the amount of $9,960,721 for the 2024-2025 Biennium.

Category FY2024 FY2025 Total Biennium
Total Annual General
Revenue Appropriation
$4,944,862 $5,015,859 $9,960,721

2024-2025 Housing Trust Fund Plan

With Board approval, the Department has determined to program and expend the 2024-2025 Texas Housing Trust Fund appropriations in the amount of $9,960,721 as follows:

2024-2025 Biennial Funds for State Housing Trust Fund

Use of Funds Amount
Total Biennial Appropriation $9,960,721
    Less 10% Administration for TDHCA ($996,072)
Net Balance Available for TDHCA Programming $8,964,649
    Less $2,983,757 in 2024 and $2,986,374 in 2025 for Bootstrap Loan Program Reservation System* ($5,970,131)
    Less $175,000 for Bootstrap Loan Program Capacity Building ($175,000)
    Less $1,466,618 in 2024 and $1,527,900 in 2025 for Amy Young Barrier Removal Program ($2,994,518)
Total Remaining to be Programmed $0

*Per Section 2306.7581 (a-1) of the Texas Government Code, at least $3,000,000 each state fiscal year is required for this purpose. Additional required funding will be made available from Bootstrap Program repayments.

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