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Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

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Heriberto R., Brownsville, TX
HOME Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Program
Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

Heriberto R. and his wife have lived in the same location since the late 1970s. He built his own home long before the City of Brownsville annexed the colonia where it is located. “At that time there were no inspections or codes. A person built their home the best way they knew how. Whatever you had, you used.”

Heriberto raised four kids in that home. As his kids grew up and moved out, Heriberto was unable to keep up with home repairs. In no time the home he built with his own hands was beginning to fall apart. One day his son, Alberto, noticed that a neighbor’s home had been renovated and asked him about it. The neighbor told him about TDHCA’s Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Program (OCC) administered by the Brownsville Community Development Corporation. The OCC Program provides funds for the rehabilitation of owner occupied single family homes. Alberto quickly told his dad about the OCC Program.

Heriberto then applied to Brownsville CDC and in a matter of months he had a new home. This time around though there were all kinds of inspections and codes the home had to pass. Of course, Heriberto had nothing to worry about because all OCC homes must meet Texas Minimum Construction Standards.

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HOME Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Program