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HHSCC Reports

Housing and Services Partnership Academy Final Evaluation Report

In 2013, an Academy funded by a Real Choice Systems Change Grant and coordinated by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs in partnership with the Texas Center for Disability Studies, provided training and information to teams representing communities across Texas to help them develop comprehensive plans for improving the quantity and quality of Service-Enriched Housing for persons with disabilities and older Texans. In 2016, the Council supported another Academy, providing technical assistance and a 1.5 day Academy. To date, two separate cohorts of community teams (16 communities in 2013 and nine communities in 2016) have taken part in an Academy.

For the second round of the Academy, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs contracted with the Corporation for Supportive Housing to develop and deliver a robust package of training and technical assistance to nine community teams that were competitively selected from across the state of Texas. Corporation for Supportive Housing was also asked to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Academy and technical assistance. This report provides an overview of the training and technical assistance efforts and summarizes findings from the evaluation.

Download the report (PDF)

2-1-1 Texas Information and Referral Network Evaluation

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State of Texas Comprehensive Analysis of Service-Enriched Housing Finance Practices Final Report

The Department, on behalf of the Texas Housing & Health Services Coordination Council, received funding to procure The Technical Assistance Collaborative to conduct a comprehensive study of nationwide best practices in service-enriched housing financing and development, produce recommended actions for providing service-enriched housing in Texas, and develop and present training materials to assist in financing and developing service-enriched housing for persons of all ages with disabilities who have extremely low income. The Texas Housing & Health Services Coordination Council will use this report to coordinate and increase state efforts to offer service-enriched housing in Texas.

Elements of the analysis included:

  • Research best practices regarding service-enriched housing projects subsidized by other states;
  • Identify barriers preventing or slowing service-enriched housing efforts;
  • Identify sources of funding for integrated housing and health services;
  • Determine the requirements and application guidelines to obtain those funds;
  • Identify those practices subsidized by other states that do not clearly comply with existing IRS Rules and Regulations;
  • Provide information regarding effective collaboration methods and the use of layered financing to provide and finance service-enriched housing;
  • Provide training about local, state, and federal funding sources and the requirements for those sources; and
  • Provide training materials that assist in the development and financing of service-enriched housing.

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HHSCC Case Studies Report

The Council has created the HHSCC Case Studies Report to provide insight into the essential components of the development financing process and assist housing providers in making a preliminary determination of the financial viability of proposed service-enriched housing projects. From May 19th, 2011 through August 1st, 2011, Council staff embarked on a series of interviews of successful service-enriched housing developers throughout Texas, to gain a clear understanding of how these organizations structured the financing on each property. The Council sought to get a wide variety of perspectives, from for-profit developers, nonprofit developers, and foundations producing service-enriched housing in urban and rural areas of the state.

Simultaneously, staff reviewed TDHCA underwriting reports for successful multifamily deals with a service component. Staff also conducted a literature review on best practices for housing development, service-enriched housing and financing strategies. Using both research and housing provider interviews, the Council crafted this report:

HHSCC Case Studies Report (PDF)

HHSCC Provider Capacity Survey

The Housing and Health Services Coordination Council conducted a Provider Capacity Survey to better understand and measure the local capacity of the State’s community-based housing providers, as well as community-based service providers. This survey fulfilled the Council’s statutory responsibility to evaluate the capacity of Statewide long-term care providers and the interest of housing developers to invest in service-enriched housing. The survey was conducted between March 4, 2011 and April 15th, 2011. Council staff presented the survey findings at the Council’s June 10th, 2011 meeting.

Provider Capacity Survey Results Presentation (PDF)