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Physical Inspections


The Physical Inspection section performs and administers inspections for developments monitored by the Department throughout the compliance period. The section ensures developments are habitable, well maintained, are ready for occupancy, follow appropriate accessibility standards, and comply with applicable program rules and regulations. Inspectors may conduct site inspections, construction inspections, and Uniform Physical Condition Standards inspections on new construction and acquisition and/or rehabilitation multifamily developments and for rebuilt or rehabilitated single family homes. The section also administers inspections performed by the Department’s contract inspection firms.

Physical Inspections Information and Forms


The Department conducts training sessions in the Uniform Physical Conditions Standards to ensure compliance with all program requirements. UPCS training is co-sponsored by the Department's Inspection staff and either the Rural Rental Housing Association of Texas (RRHA) or the Texas Apartment Association (TAA). Focus is on the basics of the inspection protocol, common deficiencies, and corrections with an emphasis on helping onsite staff and management prepare for inspections.

Visit the TAA site for online registration. Training is facilitated by Department staff and sponsored by TAA.

If you are interested in UPCS Training, note the following:

  • TDHCA does not accept online registration for UPCS Training sessions.
  • Registration and training facilities are coordinated by the applicable co-sponsoring organization.
  • Registrants must contact the applicable co-sponsoring organization to register.
  • The registration fee for UPCS Training is determined by the co-sponsoring organization.

Additional training resources applicable to specific program areas can be found on our Training Resources page.

The Fair Housing area contains information on organizations that provide accessibility training, along with information and resources for assistance regarding fair housing regulations. To view these organizations, please visit Fair Housing Training.