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Pathways Home: A Framework for Coordinating State Administered Programs with Continuum of Care Planning to Address Homelessness in Texas

(Formerly known as the Texas Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness.)

To better understand how Texas’ infrastructure is positioned to address the complexities of housing instability, the Texas Interagency Council for the Homeless initiated a study in January 2011. The Council convened work groups composed of representatives from nonprofit organizations and eleven state agencies, analyzed state data, reviewed national research, and gathered public input through ten hearings. Pathways Home presents findings from this study, which indicates that greater coordination of employment and health service resources with local housing programs would expand the state’s capacity to prevent and end episodes of homelessness. In response to the study’s findings, Pathways Home proposes a framework to help more of Texas’ most vulnerable citizens enter and remain in safe housing.

Public Hearings

TICH held public hearings across the state to gather communities’ input on Pathways Home.

Hearing Transcripts
(PDF format):
Hearing Transcript Hearing Date
Corpus Christi 11/17/2011
San Antonio 11/18/2011
Fort Worth 11/29/2011
Dallas 11/29/2011
Plano 11/29/2011
Houston 12/01/2011
El Paso 12/02/2011
Laredo 12/05/2011
Austin 12/13/2011
Lubbock 01/10/2012