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Texas Rural Farmworker Housing Analysis

Analysis of Rural Housing and Rural Farmworker Housing in Texas

TDHCA contracted Bowen National Research, through a competitive procurement process, to conduct a Statewide Rural Housing Analysis and a Rural Farmworker Housing Analysis. TDHCA recognizes the importance and need for affordable housing in rural Texas. In addition, the TDHCA recognizes the unique challenges of affordable housing for rural farmworkers in Texas. This report includes:

  • Outreach to a wide spectrum of rural stakeholders,
  • Rural Texas socioeconomic and demographic analysis,
  • Rural Texas housing supply and demand analysis,
  • Rural Farmworker housing supply and demand analysis,
  • Analysis of affordable housing developer capacity,
  • Identification of regulatory and statutory barriers,
  • Identification of best practices, and
  • Recommendations to increase the development and availability of affordable housing in rural Texas and for farmworkers.

Texas Statewide Rural Housing Analysis (PDF)

Texas Rural Farmworker Housing Analysis (PDF)

Addenda by Region (PDF format)

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Special Reports

Special Reports include one-time studies required by the legislature and or research lead by the department.

The Contract for Deed Prevalence Project (PDF)

As required by the 2010 Sunset Advisory Commission, this report studies the prevalence of recorded and unrecorded contracts for deed in Texas colonias. The Sunset Advisory Commission directed the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) to conduct a one-time study of the current prevalence of contracts for deed in Texas colonias and to report the results to the Legislature by December 1, 2012. TDHCA entered into an agreement in August 2011 with The University of Texas at Austin to provide this research and report.

Download all of the following appendix files in compressed format (ZIP - 25MB)

  • Appendix A: Methodology
  • Appendix B: Colonia Descriptions
  • Appendix C: Survey Instruments and Protocols
  • Appendix D: Database
  • Appendix E: Tables and Figures
  • Appendix F: Sample Contracts for Deed and Related Documents
  • Appendix G: Special Acknowledgements

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