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Compliance - Utility Allowance Information

Requests for an Application for Funding

Forms (Updated 06/09/2023)

Upon completion, submit utility allowance requests related to applications for funding to UA-Application@tdhca.state.tx.us (please note that this is a separate process than for established developments). The submission must include the Utility Allowance Questionnaire for Application and all back-up documentation to support the request. Requests not submitted to this e-mail address will not be reviewed.

Requests for Existing/Established Developments

Forms (Updated 03/13/2023)

All submissions must be uploaded to the Development's Compliance Monitoring Tracking System ("CMTS") account. When uploading, please be sure to choose "Utility Allowance Documents" in the "Type" dropdown menu. In the description box, please identify the method (e.g., written local estimate, HUD model) and if it is an initial request or annual review. In the "TDHCA Contact" dropdown menu, please select "Utility Allowance."

For more information on utility allowances for multifamily projects funded by the Department contact:

Cara Pollei, Compliance Monitor

Carolyn Metzger, Compliance Monitor

Nicole Martinez, Compliance Monitor

All queries regarding energy assistance and weatherization please refer to the Community Affairs page.