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Example Components of a Section 3 Compliance Plan

TDHCA Program Services Division recommends that a project owner, subrecipient, or General Contractor create a Section 3 Compliance Plan to help coordinate their local economic opportunity efforts. This document can provide a frame of reference for auditors and program monitors to evaluate the good faith of efforts reported on the subrecipient’s 60002 summary form.

The following list suggests basic components for a Section 3 Compliance Plan. Visit the Compliance Resources page for suggestions and examples.

  • Identify the project by Fund Source/ Program, Subrecipient or Owner name, project name, address, service area, designated Section 3 Coordinator, Phone Number, and email for primary contact.
  • Describe intended strategies, resources, and partnerships the Subrecipient or contractor will utilize to fulfill Responsibilities listed in the Local Economic Opportunity Obligation Notice (PDF).
  • Specify which organizations or resources the [Sub]recipient or contractor will involve to notify Section 3 residents about employment opportunities. (e.g.: local Public Housing Authority, Local Workforce Development Boards (affiliated with Texas Workforce Commission), etc.)
  • Specify strategies or resources the [Sub]recipient or contractor will utilize when recruiting Section 3 businesses and how your organization will advertise pending subcontractor opportunities.
  • Preliminary Section 3 Summary Report (HUD-60002) to TDHCA.

For a brief overview of compliance issues, download: TDHCA Overview & Instructions: HUD Section 3 (PDF)

If you have any questions, please email hudsection3@tdhca.state.tx.us or contact TDHCA Program Services staff.