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Asset Management

Raquel Morales
Director of Asset Management

Phone:  (512) 475-2109
Fax:  (512) 475-3359

Physical Address
221 East 11th Street
Austin, TX  78701

Mailing Address
PO Box 13941
Austin, TX  78711-3941


Asset Management is responsible for oversight of development performance for all multifamily properties. The Asset Management team operates in a proactive manner by enforcing regulatory documents to minimize exposure to the Department and ensure long term financial viability of the development. Oversight activities are essentially the same for all types of developments; however, the aspects of borrower performance examined during these activities will vary by type of development due to the different program requirements. Asset managers work with the development owner and the Department’s Asset Review Committee to develop workout solutions for troubled or “at-risk” developments.

Asset Manager Assignments and Contact Information

An Asset Manager has been assigned a portfolio of properties according to regional location.  This provides development owners with one contact person for any questions related to their developments and post award activities. To find the Asset Manager assigned to your development, enter the county of the development on the Asset Manager Assignments and Contact List page.

Property For Sale

Visit the Property For Sale section of the Multifamily Preservation Clearinghouse for listings of properties, including vacant land as well as single- and multi-family developments, which are available for purchase. Appraisals, financial information, and other useful documents are available for review to assist buyers.

The Multifamily Preservation Clearinghouse is designed to facilitate the preservation of existing affordable and subsidized multifamily rental properties in the State of Texas. It provides multifamily property owners a format to market their properties to prospective buyers interested in maintaining the affordability of a property. Real Estate Brokers, Financial Institutions, and other related entities are encouraged to post contact information.

Real Estate Analysis Tools

Visit the Real Estate Analysis page for regional and statewide operating expense databases and the HTC applicable percentages and underwriting rates.