Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Community Affairs Contacts

Main Phone: 512-475-3950
Fax: 512-475-3935
Community Affairs Division - Director
Michael De Young Director, Community Affairs Division 512-475-2125
Fiscal and Reporting Section
Cathy Collingsworth Manager, Fiscal and Reporting 512-475-3858
Aurora Carvajal Program Specialist 512-475-1187
Elmis (Ruth) Hermosilla Contract Specialist 512-936-7809
Gloria Mitchell Contract Specialist 512-475-3899
Laura White Program Specialist 512-475-3233
Monica Guerra Fiscal Administrator 512-475-0825
Annette Cornier Division Coordinator 512-475-3803
Planning and Technical Assistance Section
Gavin Reid Manager, Planning & Technical Assistance 512-936-7828
Laura Saintey Project Manager, Training 512-475-3854
Marco Cruz Trainer 512-475-3860
Jason Gagne Training Specialist 512-475-0166
Stephen Kuhns Training Specialist 512-936-7798
Karen Keith Program Specialist 512-475-0471
Rita D. Gonzales-Garza Program Administrator 512-475-3905

Compliance Division Contacts