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Weatherization Training Video Archive

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Heating & Cooling Length
Duct Blower 10:46
Duct Sealing 15:04
Consumer Education Length
Consumer Education Series: Lighting 101 11:23
Quality Control Inspector Length
Exhaust Fan Flow Meter 3:53
Blower Door (YouTube - WXTV) 14:37
Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (YouTube) 8:51
Pressure Pan (YouTube) 1:50
Duct Blower 8:19
Worst Case CAZ Depressurization Building Performance Workshop Review (YouTube) 9:36
Spillage - Combustion Analysis and Safety Pt 2 - BPI Review of 5 Point Combustion Testing (YouTube) 4:50
Draft and CO Test (wxtvonline.org - Video Part 2) 19:21

For questions regarding the WAP Videos, please contact a member of the Community Affairs Training staff.