Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs - Building Homes and Strengthening Communities

Homebuyer Assistance for Acquisition with or without Rehabilitation and Contract for Deed Conversion

General Administration
CFD Project Documentation Checklist (DOC)
Administrative Draw Workbook (XLS)
Audit Certification Form (Compliance forms page)
Housing Contract System Access Request Form (DOC)
HBA and HBA/R Project File Documentation Checklist (PDF)
Determination of Conflict of Interest (DOC)

Refer to the Environmental Clearance page in the Program Services area for Environmental Clearance forms.

Lead-Based Paint
Renovate Right: Lead Hazard Information (EPA.gov)
Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home (epa.gov)
Receipt of Lead-Based Paint Notification (DOC)
Seller's Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint (PDF on epa.gov)
Lead Safe Screening Worksheet (HUD Exchange)
Elderly Homeowner’s Informed Consent Notice (DOC)
Re-Occupancy Notice – Lead Hazard (DOC)
HBA/R Project Setup Checklist (PDF)
HBA/R Reservation Preapproval Setup Checklist (PDF)
Contract for Deed Project Setup Checklist (PDF)
HOME Program Intake Application (DOC)
HOME Program Intake Application (Spanish) (DOC)
Employment Verification Form (PDF)
Asset Verification Form (PDF)
HOME Program Loan Addendum (PDF)
HOME Program Loan Addendum (Spanish) (DOC)
TDHCA Privacy Notice October 2015 (PDF)
Patriot Act Information Form (PDF)
Acknowledgement of Licensing Status for Loan Originator (DOC)
Affidavit of Marital Status (DOC)
Affidavit of Same/Assumed Name (DOC)
First-Time Homebuyer Certification (DOC)
Homebuyer Program Assistance Calculator (XLS)
Manufactured Housing Application for Statement of Ownership and Location
Household Income Certification (HIC), TBRA TTP Worksheet, and SFD Loan Analysis (XLS)
Relocation and Acquisition Disclosure (DOC)

TDHCA Eligibility Verification Forms (Compliance forms page)

  • Intake Supplement for Subsidy Calculation
  • Asset Certification - Under $5,000
  • Certification of Zero Income (formerly Form 14.23)
  • Documentation of Telephone Verification
  • Release and Consent

HUD Forms – Other Optional Eligibility Verification Forms (HUD.gov)

  • Verification of Income from Business (formerly HOME Form 14.09)
  • Verification of Social Security Benefits (formerly HOME Form 14.10)
  • Verification of Pensions and Annuities (formerly HOME Form 14.11)
  • Verification of VA Benefits (formerly HOME Form 14.12)
  • Verification of Public Assistance Program (formerly HOME Form 14.13)
  • Verification of Child Support Payments (formerly HOME Form 14.14)
  • Verification of Alimony and Separation Payments (formerly HOME Form 14.15)
  • Verification of Recurring Cash Contributions (formerly HOME Form 14.16)
  • Verification of Income from Military (formerly HOME Form 14.17)
Verification of Disability (DOC)
Acquisition Activities Certification of Principal Residence (DOC)
Acquisition Activities Certification of Principal Residence (Spanish) (DOC)
Contract for Deed Payoff Statement (DOC)
Homeowner Certification and Agreement to Participate (DOC)
Homeowner Certification and Agreement to Participate (Spanish) (DOC)
Pre-Construction Conference Report (DOC)
Affidavit of Completion for Loan Activities (DOC)
Single Family Setup and Draw Workbook (XLSX) - Includes the following forms and instructions:
  • Instructions for Final Budget
  • Final Budget Tab (Fillable Form)
  • Checklist - Draw Request Documents
  • Instructions for Draw Request and Match Log
  • Draw Request And Match Log Tab (Fillable Form)
  • Instructions for Application and Certification for Payment
  • Application and Certification of Payment (Fillable Form)
  • Instructions for Budget Revision Request
  • Budget Revision Request (Fillable Form)
  • Instructions for Section 3 Report
  • Section 3 Report (Fillable Form)
Salary and Wage Cost Calculator and Timesheet with Instructions (XLS)
Bills-Paid Affidavit (DOC)
Work Write-Up/Cost Estimate (XLS)
HUD-52580-A Unit Inspection Report (PDF - HUD.gov)
Construction Inspection Authorization (DOC)
Construction Inspection Authorization (Spanish) (DOC)
Initial Inspection Report (DOC)
Progress Inspection Report (DOC)
Final Inspection (DOC)