Manufactured Housing Division

Number 2017-002

Flooded and/or Wind Damaged Homes

Following weather conditions involving flooding and/or high winds, an inspector of the Manufactured Housing Division (“The Department”) will contact and schedule a visit with licensed retailers in affected areas to provide assistance and training on the required rebuilding and inspection processes and take a physical inventory of all damaged manufactured homes which cannot be sold or offered for sale until properly repaired and inspected.

Considering the magnitude of homes affected by Hurricane Harvey, Retailers are encouraged to email an inventory list of flooded or wind damaged homes to to minimize the time of each visit

This list should include the retailer’s name and license number, contact person and email address, HUD label number and serial number of each home that has sustained damage. As a convenience, Retailers may submit their inventory of damaged homes online by going to the License Holder’s webpage of the Department’s website at and select the option to SUBMIT INVENTORY OF DAMAGED HOMES.

Once an inventory of damaged homes is submitted by the Retailer or created by Department staff, an ownership record for each damaged home will be created and flagged in the system and website as “Damaged” until the required rebuilding and inspection process is completed and the home is sold and titled as normal.

Please contact the Department at 877-313-3023 with any questions or assistance needed.