Online Transactions

Application for Statement of Ownership

Online Statement of Ownership Application System

Online Statement of Ownership Applications User Guide (PDF)

Reporting Weather Damaged Homes

Submit Inventory Online

This online feature allows License Holders to submit a inventory of homes which have been damaged by weather conditions and cannot be sold as is.


Reporting an installation

Submitting Form Ts in Bulk Electronically
This is a custom feature enabling Installers to export data electronically in bulk from their system to the Department's system eliminating the need to enter reports manually. This feature requires customization with the creation of a format allowing data to be integrated from one system to another.


License Renewals
This online feature allows License Holders to complete their License Renewals and update or confirm their contact information. Check here for eligibility requirements and frequently asked questions.

Approved Continuing Education Providers (For License Renewals ONLY)

Licensing Education Class (NOT FOR RENEWING LICENSES)

Online Registration
This feature allows License Holders and potential License Holders to register and pay for their required License Education Class(es) online. Click here for the Notice of Potential Ineligibility of License (PDF).

Tax Liens

Tax Collector Lien System
The MHD Tax Collector Lien System is designed to allow taxing entities the ability to release their own liens as well as the liens for the entities they collect for. Check here for information and Guidelines on how to gain access to this system.

Consumer Complaints

Consumer Complaint Submission
This online feature allows consumers to file consumer complaints. If you have any questions regarding the submission of online consumer complaints, please contact us at 877-313-3023.

Illegal Activity

Unlicensed Activity Form
For reporting illegal activity.


Information and guidelines to accessing the system (PDF)

Release Liens (Lenders Only)
Lienholders wishing to release their lien may do so with system access and issue a clear statement of ownership to their customer.