MHD Notice of Installation (Form T) Online Submission


State law requires licensed Installers to report every home they install to the Manufactured Housing Division (MHD) within 7 days from the date of installation (and 3 days from the date of installation for new installers with a provisional license) so that the installation can be inspected prior to being skirted, while the home is still accessible.

To improve the efficiency of this manual process which is costly and time consuming for both the license holder and the State, we have made this process available online. Installers and Retailer/Installers can submit, print or save, and pay for their installation notices online, eliminating the need to mail in the hard copy and associated fee.

Not only is this a great convenience for the license holder, it also enables the MHD to inspect the reported installations as quickly as possible, reducing the likelihood of the home being skirted or the home being inaccessible.

Submission and Payment Instructions

The online Form T collects the same information as the PDF version posted on the License Holders page, but the look and feel is different. To make the data entry process simple, information collected through the online form is grouped differently. Follow these steps to fill out, submit, and pay for installation notices online:

  1. Enter your license number and license expiration date on the Login page.
  2. Add a new installation notice or edit existing notices that are waiting to be submitted.
  3. When you are ready to submit and pay for one or more notices, check Add To Cart as needed and then click Checkout.
  4. Review the list of installation notices and fees. When ready, click Continue to proceed to the payment screen.
  5. Select payment method (credit card or check) and enter the required payor information.
  6. After clicking Make Payment, print or save your receipt, which identifies all installation notices submitted and associated payment information.
  7. Click Continue, then Previously Submitted Forms, Detail, and Preview to view and print a copy of each submitted installation notice to be placed in the customer’s file (required). All notices submitted using this system will be available by clicking Previously Submitted Forms.

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions regarding the online Notice of Installation (Form T), please email us at or call us at 877-313-3023.