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Department Overview

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) is the state’s agency responsible for affordable housing, housing related and community service programs, as well as the regulation of the state’s manufactured housing industry. The Department’s services address a broad spectrum of housing and community affairs issues that include low-interest mortgage financing, emergency food and shelter, rental subsidy, and energy assistance.

The charge of the Department is to serve the State’s extremely low to moderate-income populations. Funding priority is given to those populations most in need of services: extremely low, very low, and low income households and individuals.

These services are grouped within three areas: Programs, Administration, and Manufactured Housing, which became an independent entity administratively attached to TDHCA in 2002.

Public Information and Complaint Procedures

General questions regarding the agency or housing related issues are handled by TDHCA’s Housing Resource Center at (512) 475-3976. The Housing Resource Center provides educational materials and technical assistance to the public, community-based housing development organizations, nonprofit housing developers, and other state and federal agencies. The Housing Resource Center also acts as a central consumer information clearinghouse which researches housing and housing related topics for individuals in need of assistance.

Program-specific information requests are handled directly by program staff (see contact list below). Additionally, TDHCA receives consumer input at various Department public hearings. Every TDHCA program follows the citizen participation and public hearing requirements as outlined in the Texas Government Code and applicable federal laws. Participation and comments are encouraged and can be submitted either at a public hearing or in writing via letters, faxes, email (info@tdhca.state.tx.us) in some cases directly on the TDHCA web site.


Contact List
Program / Function Contact Number
Bond Finance Monica Galuski (512) 936-9268
Community Affairs Michael DeYoung (512) 475-2125
Executive (512) 475-3934
Financial Administration David Cervantes (512) 475-3875
Information Systems Curtis Howe (512) 475-1740
Internal Audit Mark Scott (512) 475-3813
Legal Services Jeff Pender (512) 475-4752
Manufactured Housing (800) 500-7074
Multifamily Finance Production Marni Holloway (512) 475-1676
Office of Colonia Initiatives Homer Cabello (512) 475-2118
Policy & Public Affairs Michael Lyttle (512) 475-4542
Compliance Patricia Murphy (512) 475-3140
Real Estate Analysis Brent Stewart (512) 475-2973
Texas Homeownership Programs Cathy Gutierrez (512) 475-0277


Public Complaints

Manufactured Housing Complaints

Current MH Complaint information can be accessed from the MHD main web page.

Other Complaints

Consumers may submit complaints in writing directly to the Department or may utilize our online, web-based complaint submission system. Within 15 business days, the complainant will receive a response from the Department either that the complaint has been resolved or that it will be resolved by a certain date. After that, the complainant will be notified about the complaint at least quarterly until final resolution.


Agency Certifications and Licensing

TDHCA certifies Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) according to HUD regulations, and licenses manufactured housing manufacturers, retailer, brokers, installers, and salespersons. Below is a brief outline of the processes associated with the certifications.

CHDO Certification

A CHDO is a community-based nonprofit organization that develops affordable housing. Once certified, CHDOs are eligible to receive HOME Program set-aside funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through a designated participating jurisdiction. To become certified, an organization must not only meet the CHDO requirements, but must also apply for and received HOME funds. To receive an application, contact Andrew Sinnott at (512) 475-0538.

Manufactured Housing Licensing Requirements

Current MH Licensing information can be accessed from the MHD main web page.

For more information, please contact info@tdhca.state.tx.us