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HOME and Homeless Programs Division Announcements

HOME Program Releases Funds for Hurricane Harvey Impacted Areas

In an effort to direct available resources to those most impacted parts of the state, on September 7, 2017, TDHCA requested and was granted Governing Board approval to re-program available funds, including HOME Investment Partnerships Program ("HOME") funds, to provide disaster-related assistance.

The Department is also hereby providing notice that $9,086,316 will be added to the current HOME Disaster Reservation Fund also known as Disaster Relief Set-Aside and estimates that approximately $11 million in HOME funding will shortly be available for this purpose. TDHCA does not provide assistance directly to individuals, but rather partners with units of general local government, public housing authorities, nonprofits, and other agencies that administer the program locally. Additionally, the Department was granted a waiver which allows these funds to be expended in HOME Participating Jurisdictions to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A listing of HOME Administrators as of September 7, 2017 is provided below:

Current HOME Administrators (PDF)

HOME administrators with access to the Disaster Relief Set-Aside can immediately begin reserving funds to assist with disaster relief efforts. If you are a current HOME RSP Administrator and you don't have access to the set-aside but anticipate receiving requests for assistance for disaster impacted households, you may send a request to the HOME and Homeless Programs Division for an amendment to your existing RSP Agreement. Amendments can also be requested to an Administrator's service area.

For any questions regarding the HOME Program, please contact Abigail Versyp, HOME Program Manager, at (512) 475-0908 or via email at Abigail.versyp@tdhca.state.tx.us.

For questions about how to request an amendment to your RSP Agreement, or how to apply for a HOME RSP Agreement, please email the HOME Division at home@tdhca.state.tx.us. You may also contact Jaclyn Pryll, HOME Single Family Production Coordinator, at (512) 475-2975 or via email at jaclyn.pryll@tdhca.state.tx.us.

Amendment to 2017 HOME Single Family Program Rules

TDHCA invites public comment on proposed amendments to the 2017 HOME Single Family Program Rules from September 22, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. Austin local time and ending at 5:00 p.m. Austin local time on October 31, 2017. For details and comment submission information please visit TDHCA's public comment center.

We value and appreciate your input. Questions regarding HOME please may be sent to HOME@tdhca.state.tx.us and questions regarding ESG or HHSP may be sent to ESG@tdhca.state.tx.us or HHSP@tdhca.state.tx.us.