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Single Family Development (SFD) Program

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HOME provides funding to nonprofits that TDHCA certifies as Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). A CHDO is a private nonprofit organization with a 501 (c) designation which meets all the requirements of 24 CFR 92.2. Nonprofits applying for single family development funds must apply for certification as a CHDO, and CHDO Certification is provided by TDHCA only in conjunction with a HOME contract or agreement. More information about CHDOs is available on HUD’s website at https://www.hudexchange.info/.

CHDOs may use SFD funds for the new construction or rehabilitation of affordable single family homes. Single family homes built or rehabilitated with the assistance of HOME funds must comply with required income restrictions and follow certain design requirements. Homes must be sold to lower income homebuyers after completion of construction. TDHCA provides permanent financing to qualified households if needed.

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