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NOFAs and Rules

April is Fair Housing Month! Learn more about what it means and why it matters at TDHCAs Fair Housing 101 page.

Notice of Funding Availability

Multifamily Program Rules

All multifamily programs are governed by the Uniform Multifamily Rules. In addition to the Uniform Multifamily Rules, the Housing Tax Credit program is governed by the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP). Access these documents below:

The Multifamily Bond program in which the Department is serving as the Issuer is governed by the Multifamily Housing Revenue Bond Rules, available below. Note that these rules do not apply to Applicants for 4% Housing Tax Credits using a local issuer.

2017 Multifamily Housing Revenue Bond Rules (PDF)

For TDHCA Governing Statute visit the About TDHCA page.

2018 Qualified Allocation Plan Project Resources

Additional Rules (by Program)

Competitive (9%) & Non-Competitive (4%) Housing Tax Credits

Multifamily Revenue Bonds

Multifamily Direct Loans